Provided appropriate amounts, the spray may also be labeled with private label
Mig / Mag welding manual and robotic
- Prevents long-lasting adhesion of welding spatter on the gas nozzle, contact tip
- Optimal gas flow through the gas nozzle as no narrowing by spatter
- Quick and easy cleaning of the welding torch
- Substantially longer life of parts and thus reduce the cost
- Increased productivity with fewer interruptions
- Robot can easily layer 1 (8h) with the same gas nozzle works
Plasma and Laser
- Prevents long-lasting adhesion of metal debris on the cutting nozzle and the device
Equipment, tools, fixtures, robots, hoses, cables
- Prevents long-lasting adhesion of metal debris on all surfaces
- Protects the device and makes cleaning easy
- Protects plastic parts, hoses, rubber, grounding cable from hot welding beads / grinding sparks.
- Protects shielding gas hoses and water hoses against burn hotter particles and resulting Leakage
Applications, Funtion and Benefits
- Very strong adhesive protective ceramic coating with long lasting effects
- Ceramic layer with whitish-beige color
- Temperature resistance even at high temperatures
- Protective film dry and smooth
- Siliconefree and waxfree
- Dries quickly (in about 60 seconds full strength)
- Adheres to virtually all surfaces and materials
The Adulatech ceramic protective coating spray is a unique specialty products, which has a long-lasting protection against welding spatter, grinding sparks and other burning particles or molten metal splash and drops - both metallic and nonmetallic article.
The use of the protective spray is very simple and can be installed without preparation. The protection occurs immediately - the drying time is only a few seconds.
The protective spray is applied at for example Mig/Mag welding torch hand, robotic welding torches, plasma and laser welding/cutting torches and all equipment, tools, fixtures, robots, hoses, cables which are located in the area of the metal splashes and sparks.

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