The system consists of three spray cans:
Special cleaner (yellow), crack detectors (red) developer (white).
The test is performed in 5 steps:
1) Remove with special cleaner (yellow) grease and oil or other contaminants and dry the componet. Important: The error must be open to the surface
2) Apply the crack detector (red) to the surface and leave for about 5-10min.
3) Remove excess crack detector from the surface. Clean it with either water or with the special cleaner (yellow) using slightly damp cloth, then dry the surface
4) Spray from 20cm distance the eveloper (white) in a paper-thin layer. Too much developer can hide fine cracks! Cracks are visible as red lines. Make the final evaluation after about 5-10min
5) Final cleaning can be done with special cleaner resist
Crack Detection Set
The penetrant may be many plastics, ceramics, glass, etc. used in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In this case, cracks may be made easily as well as to both of magnetic non-magnetic materials. This procedure assumes that the error to the surface open. Another advantage of this method is very straightforward to use. The application can quickly and reliably take place without much preparation or equipment in any situation. The proof is done without long wait.
Applications are: welding, foundries, automotive, container, shipbuilding, aerospace, metal and steel, steel works, etc.

Crack detection by penetrant













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